A New Feature!

Hi folks! Apologies for the delay in postings, but RL being what it is I was prevented from making any new posts till now. In that time however, I came up with an idea for a new series of posts.

So I present:

Pretty neat idea isn’t it? I figured given the amount of stuff I’ve got in my inventory why not share what I’ve found? So in this inaugural post, I’ve chosen to highlight SciLab’s mesh bunny avatar


As you can see…it’s an incredibly well made avatar that’s made in mesh so to use it you’d need a compatible viewer to see it properly.


The avatar comes with the skin, head, tail and foot attachments along with an alpha for the feet…no paws though, but I think having humanoid hands is just fine seeing as they match the fur 🙂

The head is animated with moving eyes and twitching ears and every so often your tounge sticks out and you lick your nose.

BunnyBlog Isn’t that adorable? :3

The best thing about this avatar is…it’s FREE!! Among his other free listings, he also offers a pack of his older creations which includes various guns and other weapons as well as this avatar if you feel inclined to have the whole collection. He also sells a full mesh female avatar, mesh guns, and really cool armor. So show him your appreciation for his creativity by showering him in lindens.

and here are some extra shots for you to see! 🙂







SciLab’s mesh bunny avatar

Has Been – Hawaiian Print Boardshorts – Black/Grey

[AsYLUM] Lunatic Long Sleeve – Zombies (group gift)


{.:exposeur:.} The Coolest Man


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